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Von Baron's  Vision for A Boardtrack

Since the time of 1900-1940, Board Track Racing has been obsolete. Products today are far superior in quality and performance since that era. For an example materials do not fray, warp and deteriorate under exterior conditions like the materials that were used in the early 1900's. Von Baron firmly believes that with today’s existing technological advances, we can BUILD MOTORDROMES THAT WILL WITHSTAND ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS / WHILE WITHSTANDING EXTREME RACING CONDITIONS. 


The current market suggests that there  has been a surge in vintage style board track motorcycles and board track style motorized bicycles, flat track racing, as well as other forms of Vintage Motorcycle Racing. Currently there are no “board tracks” left in the United States today and there are no pitched 3:1 Motorcycle Race Tracks available to race on at present time.


Von Baron will build Von Baron's Motordrome, from the ground up, utilizing the best materials in the market. Safety precautions and testing of the track will be performed to ensure safety precautions to alleviate problems with early board track racing events.


Von Baron's Board Track will be the first of it’s kind since the early 1900’s and will host not only races, but motorcycle rallies for the industry and large scale events. The entire place will be solely geared for motorcycles and riders.


Von Baron  has already secured media partners, sponsors, and is continually developing strategic alliances and joint venture agreements with others to promote and brand our new race venues and rallies.   


The creation of  this type of track will not only allow racers with or without corporate sponsors to compete in the  United States on a  National Championship Level, but will endure by rebuilding a national pass time, long awaited by those who have a passion for motorcycles. 


Von Baron Motorcycle's founder stated:  

"We all Know History repeats itself and Boardtrack Racing is making a turn for a comeback".  Stay Tuned ! 

Vintage Boardtrack Racers
Boardtrack Racing
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